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Mailing order bags

Mailing bags are mainly made from paper or plastic. Nowadays, most plastic mailing bags are made of Polyolefin's and they are either mono or co-extruded.

Mailing and courier bagsDesigned for postal or courier transport, mailing bags are light, waterproof and have an integral adhesive strip. They are normally made with plastics (low density polythene, high density polythene, Nylon, Vinyl and Metallocene), paper, recycled plastic or paper mailing bags or biodegradable mailing bags.

There are also options for mailing and courier bags they are:

  1. Clear or Coloured
  2. Plain or Printed
  3. Mailing envelopes with write on panels
  4. Mailing envelopes with self seal - peel off strip for a permanent seal

Benefits of Mailing bags

  1. Mailing bags protect your product
  2. Mailing bags look professional
  3. Mailing bags are attractive - can be custom printed in large quantities
  4. Mailing bags are available in many sizes types, styles, and with different types of cushioning
  5. Mailing bags are useful for fragile items
  6. Mailing bags are reusable
  7. Mailing bags are customer friendly

Wish to know more?

If you would like to know more about mailing bags and envelopes please visit packagingknowledge.com

For more about mailing bags

Mailing Bags specialist supplier of mailing bags, polythene mailers, courier bags and plastic envelopes. Offers discount ranges and high-impact ranges for all you mail-shot and postal packaging needs.


Mailing and courier bags

Economy lightweight postal mailersEconomy lightweight postal mailers

Blue opaque mail-order goods bagsBlue opaque mail-order goods bags

Heavy duty postal mailersHeavy duty postal mailers

Large heavy duty courier sacksLarge heavy duty courier sacks

Metallic high impact silver mailersMetallic high impact silver mailers

There is more at Polybags.co.uk